Website Agency Vs Digital Web Agency: What Do You Need?

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Do you know the difference between a website agency and digital web agency? If not, then you've come to the right place as we discuss their differences.

If you’re still starting your business, you have been told many times that you will need a website. So, who should you call to create your website? A website agency or a digital web agency? There’s actually a stark difference between the two firms. Both create websites, that’s for sure. But there is a certain kind of expertise that comes with the digital web agency.

The primary goal of the digital agency is to market your business. The website it creates is integrated with marketing strategies for the audience of the digital world to see.

You see, website agencies know how to make a website—that’s for sure. The main elements are there. It is a site that is pleasing to look at. If you choose well, you would get a good website designer that can do the responsive user interface and user exchange designs. It doesn’t end there. Another component of a good website is the content. That would include the images or videos as well as the text.

How about the digital web agency?

What does a digital web agency do?

This kind of agency creates websites with the purpose of marketing the client’s business. If you are starting a business, this would be the most practical agency for you to hire. As already mentioned, this type of agency is about marketing. In essence, your website will be strategic in a way that marketing is imprinted in everything.

What does this mean? Let’s start with branding. Every startup should invest in branding. That would mean that the company is serious about staying for the future. When you invest in branding, that means that you have longevity in mind. It’s not just a we-will-see-how-it-goes kind of thing. This also means that you are very serious in seeing your company succeed.

After all, who wants to pay money for branding when you are ambivalent about the future? Branding is inherent in the websites created by a digital web agency. The firm comprises people of different sets of knowledge and expertise. While we mentioned the design and content components of a website as usually created by a website agency, the digital agency will add marketing into it.

The agency will be able to build you a brand as opposed to a mere website. The website, after all, is a great marketing tool especially in this day and age. If somebody wants to know about something, they just Google it. The process has been simplified. Whereas before, a person might have to go to the library first in order to know something. Either that or they make a call to somebody who knows.

Today, a person will just Google the name of your company and they will most likely be led to your website. That’s why, your website should be consistent with your marketing ideals as a company. A digital agency will know what to do or will start off the branding process. This is actually quite easy for you. If you haven’t thought about branding before, then the agency will do it for you—with your input and approval of course.

When you talk about digital branding, it’s not limited to the website. There are various components to this. This is why a digital web agency is very practical because they don’t only create a website, they also create a whole slew of branding projects.

This way, everything will be cohesive. It’s important to note, though, that your very first project is the website. When branding is involved in the creation of the website, this means that the agency will be looking at how to expand the company’s presence.

This means that the website will also be versatile. This means that whatever people can see on the website will have to be translated to other digital things. There is social media, for example.

Social media has become a very important tool in digital marketing. What people will see on the company’s social media should be consistent and thematic with what is on the website. That really helps for the audience to be attuned to the brand.

Social media

Now, social media is another aspect of business that a digital agency can work on. You might think that social media is something you can do on your own. That’s accurate, by the way. Of course, you can do social media on your own. It’s simple, right? You just post something about your company and post your products and services every now and then.

However, if you want things done right, you might want to leave it to the digital web agency. You may argue that there cannot be anything wrong with posting something. That may be the case. Although, there are always posts that will make people be drawn to the business more. That’s where the marketing aspect comes in. When you talk about an agency, it means that it is a group of people. These people are experts in their various fields. These people can share their respective knowledge and skills to give you social media accounts that will have a high engagement rate.

That’s what you need in order to sell your products or services: engagement. Social media is the right platform for that. The firm knows what to do to increase your engagement. The experts in the firm have perfected the tactic of making people click on your post and like and even comment on it. The firm can also take wonderful photos that will represent your company.

Social media is also another link to your website. Once people are interested in what you are posting, they can be directed to your website. Another way to increase traffic is this:


Search engine optimization is another strategy to increase website traffic. You want people to go to your website to know your company more and hopefully to actually buy your product or service. A regular person may not know what an SEO is, but this is definitely one of the services offered by a digital web agency.

The goal here is for your company to be searchable on the internet or through Google. Not only searchable, but the results that would lead to your website should be at the top—first page if that is not possible.

There are so many things that a digital web agency can offer that regular website creation firms cannot.

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