Designers Should Follow What's Trending On Twitter Now

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Twitter is actually a great place for digital designers. If you're a graphic or web designer, you should know what's trending on Twitter now.

It may not seem like it but Twitter is actually a great place for digital designers. Actually, Twitter is a good platform for everybody. Who are those people using this platform? Almost everyone! Why? Because of the fact that everyone can make use of the 280-character limit to express an opinion, or to reveal a fact. Twitter has been tested as a highly influential social media channel. It works for politicians, sports personalities, celebrities, and last but not least, business figures.

Why not Facebook? Well, the difference between Twitter and Facebook is the latter is more on connecting with family and friends. It’s more personal. With Twitter, it’s about anything under the sun. You don’t necessarily connect with friends there as you follow people you admire and like from the societal spectrum.

The most-followed person on Twitter is a politician, Barack Obama. He is followed by a slew of singers: Justin Bieber, Katy Perry and Rihanna (although she is also a designer and an entrepreneur). The top five is rounded up by an athlete, Cristiano Ronaldo.

The second five follow almost a similar fashion with a politician, Donald Trump, on the sixth spot. Singers follow: Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande on the seventh, eighth and tenth spots, respectively. Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres is the ninth most-followed person on Twitter.

YouTube is the 11th most-followed account, which also happens to be the most-followed account that is not an individual personality. CNN Breaking News ranks 16th on the list and is also the most-followed news account. Twitter is only 17th on the list. And rounding up the top 20 is Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft and the only tech person in the top 20.

The point here is that Twitter is not just about one thing. So many topics are being tackled here and digital design is another hot topic. The share and re-shares of the Twitter users can trigger either a healthy or destructive conversation. But despite the unhealthy tendencies of using this platform, business organizations can take advantage of it. For instance, a business entity can use this platform to look for a great UX designer and branding expert.

There are also digital designers on Twitter and knowing who to follow can really change your design life. Top graphic and web designers are on the platform to share what’s trending on Twitter now. If you are one, it’s very helpful to know the current trends.

Why knowing what’s trending on Twitter now is important?

Design trends are always changing. This is a generic thing. When you look at clothing design, it changes every season. It’s the same with web design. You know what the difference is? In fashion, there is a chance that old designs can come back. There’s a retro look for a reason. However, the same could not be said for graphic and web design. Digital trends are ever-changing because of the constant updates in technology. The designs of the past could easily become obsolete in the present.

This is why it’s very important for digital designers to be updated with what’s trending on Twitter now. It also helps when you follow the right accounts. Digital companies are always good accounts to follow because they will always show off their projects on Twitter.

The platform is also a good place to market one’s projects or projects. As a web designer, it’s actually effective to see other professional projects. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should follow them. It’s about learning from them.

In fact, regular people who want to learn web design could start learning from Twitter. The account Coding With Fun shares some coding information on its timeline. HTML and CSS are the basic languages to learn when it comes to web designs. While Twitter alone will not make someone a digital designer, it’s actually a great start.

There are also various design agencies that will leave you in awe of their digital designs. It’s actually a good inspiration for your own design process. For those just starting out in the design world, design agencies are a great source of design knowledge.

Accounts to follow on Twitter

Here are some of the design agencies you should follow for various design lessons particularly in the field of user interface (UI) and user exchange (UX):

Ramotion @ramotion

Digital product design agency

This San Francisco-based agency shows off a minimalist account space. The company’s profile photo is its logo while the wallpaper is just its company color. It has close to 26,000 followers. It boasts off an impressive list of clients based on the tweets it shares.

The pinned tweet, for example, is about their work for Firefox, which is one of the most popular web browsers. Ramotion followers were among those who saw the sub-product logos of Firefox. It was a great insight to the evolution of the brand’s designs.

Ramotion doesn’t just showcase its projects. There are also various design lessons that Ramotion puts on its timeline. It is also fond of retweeting its CEO Denis Pakhaliuk, who tweets about design and various other topics.

Even those who don’t have any digital design inclination will enjoy visiting Ramotion’s timeline because of the colorful design the company produces. It’s exciting to see its projects.

The Beautiful Meme @beautifulmemes

The Beautiful Meme has left the design agency.

It’s not a meme account, mind you. The Beautiful Meme is a UK-based creative studio. But the company’s Twitter account is definitely more than just a show of creativity. There are life lessons there, too, coated with design principles of course.

The account doesn’t just showcase its projects; it also shows off designs from other accounts and agencies. The Beautiful Meme’s timeline shows how design makes a large part of the brand. Not only that, it shows off creativity in general. It’s not just concerned about its clients. The company wants the world to be knowledgeable about design in general.

You know this because The Beautiful Meme tweets about general design knowledge. It’s not as popular as Ramotion as The Beautiful Meme only has close to 5,500 followers. But that doesn’t mean it’s not a great account to follow.


Est. 1998. Proud creators of & Advocacy—on a mission to get answers to your design, product, and marketing questions. This company has 65,500 followers. One reason for that is because it is a very responsive account, just as its designs are very responsive as well.

There are so many design lessons one can learn from this agency and especially from its Twitter content. One of its really interesting tweets was based on a project that surveyed the most tasty treats. It turns out, people really love chocolate, followed by peanut butter. Nutella ranked third while roasted peanuts and peanuts completed the top five. Isn’t that something people, in general, love to read?

Twitter is a good place to just browse through various accounts. You might just be reading tweets but you are actually learning a lot from just 15 minutes of browsing.


If graphic and web designers know the right people to follow on Twitter, they will definitely gain a lot of design knowledge. Business entities can benefit from this social media platform. No business today should exist without a UX design. Good news because Twitter has been used by legitimate and trusted UX designers. By simply following a UX designer on this social media channel, one’s business can have the opportunity to shine.

Hiring a UX designer can be done by assessing and evaluating Twitter UX designers. Therefore, there are great opportunities to be found on this platform.

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