7 Things To Consider In A Logo Design

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One of the most important things in a company is the logo design. It is the face of that company. So, what are the things to consider in a logo design?

When one sees an apple with a bite, that person will immediately know that the product is an Apple product. How this idea is connected to the context of a logo design. This is the focus of this blog post. You will be taught some important points why your brand really has to hire a logo designer to create a wonderful and catchy logo design. Let’s examine a number of points here.

First off, what is the role of a logo? Go back to the context given above. Try to imagine the logo of Apple. It’s just so simple to imbibe, right? That’s the role of a logo. It is the “face of the company.” A literal face is the identifying feature of a person. You will know a person by their face. Sometimes, if you just see the body of a man, you wouldn’t immediately think of that man as someone you know. Unless, of course, there were identifying marks.

The point is, it’s the face that will allow people to immediately identify somebody or something. Every business organization should have a remarkable and memorable logo design. Why so? The fact you need to learn about this is quite simple. A logo design is really important as it allows you to have that “face” for the business that can be easily identified by the public. That “face” is actually the logo. Do you understand now? Of course, you need more elaborations.

A logo design: Why is it important?

There are so many instances where your business will only be represented by the logo. That’s why if you notice, Apple products only have the logo on them. It just isn’t necessary to put the word or name Apple on products anymore.

Of course, Apple products are very popular. As a result, the Apple logo has become very prominent as well. With new businesses, it’s going to be hard to rely on the logo immediately. It will take time. However, that’s the reason why you really think long and hard about your logo design so that it will be something that becomes a standalone thing for your company.

What are the important things to consider when it comes to making a logo design?

1. Memorability You want a logo that is memorable. When a person looks at your logo, they should immediately ask: What is that? Nobody asks about a logo if it’s terrible. When you pique a person’s interest, they will not only ask about their logo, they will then ask about the company. After that, they will be interested in what the company has to offer.

Everything will follow after. Of course, you also need to do your part in actually manufacturing great products and providing awesome service. It has to be memorable because there is no indication that the person will have a chance to see your logo all the time. Anyone should be able to remember your logo even if they haven’t seen it in weeks.

2. Minimalism This is not a definite matter. However, a lot of the logos that you will immediately think of are very minimalist. Going back to the Apple logo. It doesn’t get any more minimalist than that. It’s just an apple with a small piece bitten off. Even more minimalist is the Swoosh. Yep! Nike’s check mark has a name. Ever notice that Nike, too, doesn’t put any brand name on most of its products? That’s because the Swoosh is enough.

McDonald’s is another example of a minimalist design. Their logo is very minimal but the design impact is hugely amazing. Upon seeing the golden arches, you will easily get the idea that the food chain you’re in is owned by McDonald’s. Upon seeing their logo, you will immediately know that hunger for food will be solved. You will, right there and then, know that you can buy delicious food from that food chain.

Now, don’t get this twisted. This doesn’t mean that if your logo is not minimalist, it won’t be successful. You can just look at Samsung. The logo is the entire word. Samsung just has its own font. However, Samsung’s general selling point isn’t just the logo, it’s mainly the products.

3. Status symbol Here’s another reason why you want a logo design that is catchy and well-made. It’s going to be a status symbol for a lot of people. You know how people carrying a bag with the two interlocking Gs have a more self-important stride. Gucci can just give a person more pride because of the brand’s sophistication.

But don’t get this wrong. It’s not just about luxurious items. Even Starbucks is a status symbol. You love to walk around carrying a Starbucks cup and people know you are drinking delicious coffee.

4. Representative of the company As we kept saying earlier, the logo is the face of the company. When you create a logo design, you have to consider what the company is really about. It doesn’t have to be a direct correlation, it just needs to be cohesive.

What does this mean? Let’s go back to the Apple logo. The original logo involved Isaac Newton sitting under an apple tree. Can you imagine having that image in all the products? Yep! That’s why the late Steve Jobs scrapped it.

Of course, Newton was responsible for discovering gravity. The Apple helped Newton discover gravity. The apple doesn’t really have a direct connection to the high-tech products that the company manufactures. But check this out: Newton’s apple spurred a scientific revolution. That is exactly what Apple aims for every day of its existence. That’s why its products are always evolving.

5. Should look good in black and white Always test your logo in black and white. Why? Because you don’t know if one day you’ll have to use black and white. This is essential because you want your logo to look good on every surface, in every angle and in whatever color.

As a matter of fact, when you start creating a logo design, do it in black. This will save you time and effort. When you have perfected your black-and-white logo, it’s time to test colors. Speaking of…

6. Know the right colors There is psychology that needs to be employed if you want a strong branding. You know how pink is always used for feminine products? The psychology is similar to that. Although, you have to be more inventive than just the common conceptions. Just because pink is the feminine color doesn’t mean that it should be the color you use. It might not be right for the brand.

But there are meanings to various colors that you should adhere to for a successful campaign. When you look at red, it’s about passion and romance and blood. Yellow is a cheerful color while blue satisfies intuition. You need to know the psychology of colors, which brings us to the next item.

7. Research Everything in business should be based on research. What products should you sell in this part of the community? Research should be involved to answer that question. What do people in this community like? Again, research should be involved in order to intelligently answer the question.

The same is true for the logo. Research should be commissioned in order to create a logo design that will attract and will be memorable to all who sees it. The use of the right color and the right font (if applicable) can be ascertained when the matters have been thoroughly researched.

Conclusion To bring your business to the next level, you badly need a logo design agency to help you create a perfect brand logo design. It’s an essential technique which you must not put into oblivion. You’re aware that your success depends on some marketing assets. Always remember that a great logo design is a reliable marketing asset.

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