App Screenshots: Study Of The Most Downloaded Apps

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What goes on in an app screenshot? Let's take a look at the world's most downloaded apps and learn from the characteristics of their app screenshots.

For mobile app creators, the work doesn’t end when the digital product is done. It has to be marketed, too. Understanding the most applicable marketing perspectives at present is vital for success. If you’re a business entity aspiring to be a stronger competitor, you need to imbibe the process on how you can bring your business to the next level. There are a lot of ways you can consider. To stabilize your brand, you can consider having a mobile application. It is in this sense why you need to have app store screenshots.

Yes, it is true to claim that one of the important ways to market mobile apps, especially during the modern digital world, is to create amazing app screenshots. What is an app screenshot? The name is pretty explanatory. It features a screenshot of the app and what to expect from it when you download it.

Mobile apps need powerful app screenshots. This way, people browsing through the Google Play store or the App Store will immediately be drawn to the app. For popular brands, they can go by with mediocre App Store iOS screenshots and the like because they have brand recall.

For example, Facebook is the most downloaded app in the world. As a popular brand, people browse through the Google Play store and App Store and immediately recognize the brand just by its icon: lowercase f with the blue background.

In theory, Facebook doesn’t have to create great app screenshots. After all, it is already a popular brand. That’s the case, though, popular brands never actually do mediocre. The biggest brands in the world also have the better app screenshots.

Why is that the case? Because they have a brand to protect. A remarkable brand is consistent all throughout. Let’s study the best app screenshots based on the world’s most downloaded apps.

Case study: app screenshots

Even if these are the biggest brands in the world, each of them strives for perfection all the time. This is an important asset to remember.


Facebook has different screenshots in the App Store and Google Play. It’s also worth mentioning that the screenshots for the App Store are very specific. There are screenshots for the iPad, iPhone and Apple TV. This way, browsers will get an idea about what they will actually get when they download the app.

One thing is very clear in the screenshots, no matter the platform: Facebook is about connecting with people. The app screenshots on the App Store feature what seems to be a family sharing an outdoor meal and male friends playing on a lawn. The screenshots are also realistic. They show the actual layout of the photos as actually seen on the Facebook page.

But the message is clear: connectivity. Facebook says so in the description: “Connect with friends, family and people who share the same interests as you.” That’s a powerful message. Even if you are among the group of people who don’t have Facebook, this message will make you want to explore the app anyway.

On Google Play, the screenshots focus more on the stories of people. Still, it’s about connectivity. The description says: “Keeping up with friends is faster and easier than ever. Share updates and photos, engage with friends and Pages, and stay connected to communities important to you.”

Is there any wonder why the Facebook mobile app is so popular? You know what the second most-downloaded app is? Facebook messenger.

WhatsApp Messenger

This is the third most downloaded app in the world. It’s similar to the Facebook messenger wherein people can communicate with each other through video and audio call as well as chat. The screenshots also feature what people will expect when they download the chat. It also convinces people that it’s the communication app that you need. How? “Simple. Personal. Real time messaging.” Those were the words on one screenshot.

The other screenshots tell you what you can do with the app: 1. Send photos and videos instantly 2. Call for free

Those are pretty convincing app benefits. Who doesn’t want that—especially the free part. There is also a glimpse of actual message exchanges on the app. Since the app is telling you to download the product, the conversations are fun. That includes a lot of emojis of course!


Of course, the top apps are social media platforms. This just goes to show that people really crave connection even if it’s just virtual. This shouldn’t have been included here because Instagram is also owned by Facebook. But it’s really nice that Instagram really capitalized on what it is known for: pictures. The screenshots contain beautiful pictures and show the different aspects of the platform.

Plus, they included animal photos. No one can ever go wrong with an animal photo, right?


What’s fun about Snapchat’s screenshots is that they are really bright. As in bright yellow! That’s also the brand’s color. While the screenshots also show actual shots of the things people share on this platform, Snapchat also wants to make sure that people understand what they are about: 1. Snaps the moments so you can share it 2. Chat with friends

But there’s more! With various editing alternatives, you can basically reimagine your world using Snapchat. That’s badly needed especially now that we are facing a difficult time all around the world with COVID-19 still very much threatening our health.


Are people still really using Skype? Apparently! After all, it made it to the top 10 most downloaded apps in the world. The brand’s ap screenshots are pretty formal. After all, this is a popular communication tool in formal settings like business meetings and the like.


This app may still be a baby considering its counterparts in the top downloads of the world. But nobody can deny TikTok’s popularity. Do you remember the time when the youth hijacked one of President Donald Trump’s campaign events? Through TikTok, the youngsters (TikTok users are mostly teens and younger adults) unofficially started a mass activity of reserving tickets to Trump’s rally without the intention of actually going there.

Yes, there are so many things one can do with this app. The screenshots are also captivating as it features the different activities people can get into. TikTokers can share their stories, dance to viral moves or music, show off or just post a thirst trap. TikTok is also about creativity, which is why popular TikTokers are called creators.

Important lessons

The most important lessons from these apps is that you have a strong message. It’s also important that you go straight to the point. Don’t be too detailed on the screenshots. Details can be included in the description box. The final lesson here is about consistency. You have to understand the value of consistency because most of the present apps really use the brand colors to make the screenshots pop.

The two most important components of each screenshot are a beautiful and convincing photo with a poignant message. Do you think having screenshots is easy? No! It’s not. That is why you need to look for a great and legit provider of app screenshots.

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